SGGK trading cc

is a company that specializes in medical and surgical supply. We at SGGK trading cc are committed to deliver a professional, good service in the medical industry . We are trained and equipped to deliver all the above mentioned services .

over the years ,we have discovered that our best asset is our staff, and we have thus created a favorable work framework that has attracted the best skill management and the staff contingent, our staff undergoes various training courses on an ongoing basis in order to empower them as much as possible and created and a new standard of excellence in the workplace . we have instilled a sense of purpose and pride in our staff by conduction performance appraisal evaluations that measŁe how well they maintaion our fundamental and values or code of ethic, which are integrity, customer, focus, flexibility and results orientation.

SGGk trading cc

was established in 29/01/2009 this company is fully black owened , and all of its top management team is from previus disavataged communitees. This company was formed by one young man his name Mr Thembalihle Brighten Hlatshwayo who has taken this opportunity to uplift them and in future improve the life of the unkilled and disadvantaged people in South Arica. Our aim is to continue to vision of trasforming the company to truly represent the demographics of our country .We will make every effort to place the customer at the center of our operation. Due to the changing nature of business in South Africa it beecame apparent that has need fro a stong black empowerment continuation company in our coutry , therefore we saw the opportunit to establishment by means of training and development , thereby improving our level of service as well as rewarding company

100% BEE


Our company Goals

*Start of and expire to the leading company in the industry of Medical and segical supplery, nuclear medical and consumable.*Ensure we are professionally equipped to meet our client need at all the times.*Strive to the invest in the future of our staff and the new recruits to our company to keep up-to-date with the new trends , technology changes to deliver the best the adding value to our company.

Vision objection and core values